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Waikīkī Beach

I’m not sure what more can be said about the most famous beach in the world.  The beach and its environs are everything you would expect, from having seen them on travel posters, in coffee table books on the TV and in movies.  It’s beautiful, it’s a little garish, the surf is usually very “user friendly,” the hotels on the beach are beautiful and themselves merit a trip just to walk through them.

There is no better place on the earth for “people watching.”  Some of the world’s most beautiful people gather here, as do some of the world’s most … well, I’m not sure how to properly say it… “other types” as well.  And by saying this I don’t mean bums or street people (although there are some), but people who seem to think that size of body and size of bathing suit should be inversely proportional.  I shudder at the memories…

But basking in the sun at Waikīkī is simply a “must” for any visitor to O’ahu. And remember—it is illegal to take any of Waikīkī’s sand home with you (even though it may well have come from California originally.)

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