I returned to Pearl Harbor in July of 1984 to be the executive officer (second in command) of the USS WHIPPLE (FF 1062).  Just like COCHRANE, the “assignment gods” really were looking down on me the day I got my orders to WHIPPLE.  I joined the ship when she was in the shipyard undergoing a major overhaul, so it was interesting, to build her up again from a hollow shell to a functioning, fully operational ship of the Pacific Fleet.

While I did not get a chance to deploy in WHIPPLE, I will tell you that the time I spend in her was the purest sheer fun I had in my entire career.  I worked for two absolutely superb commanding officers, and the four functional department heads who worked for me (Operations, Weapons, Engineering and Supply officers) officers were the most talented group of young men who ever worked for me.  Toghether we all saw WHIPPLE identified as the most “combar ready” ship in a squadron of 6 ships for three years running, and nominated from a group of more than thirty ships as “the most improved ship in the Pacific Fleet” for the preceeding year.  Damn, we were good!

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