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U.S.S. ARIZONA Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial, located at Pearl Harbor, marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors killed onthe USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 by Japanese imperial forces and commemorates the eventsof that day. The attack on Pearl Harbor and the island of Oʻahu was the action that led to United States involvement in World War II.

The memorial, dedicated in 1962 and visited by more than one million people annually, spans the sunken hull of the battleship without touching it. Historical information about the attack, boat access to the memorial, and general visitor services are available at the associated USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center, opened in 1980 and operated by the National Park Service. The sunken remains of the battleship were declared a National Historic Landmark on 5 May 1989.

As noted elsehwere on this site, Navy ships still “render honors” to ARIZONA as they pass her.  Part of naval protocol is that whenever two Navy ships pass in close proximity to each other, the junior ship (as determined by the relative seniority of the commanding officers) renders honors to the senior ship by calling those who are topside to attention and then saluting the senior ship (which then returns the salute.)  Because ARIZONA is still a commissioned US Navy ship, we still render honors to her as we pass by.  I’ve done it dozens of times and had a lump in my throat every single time.  1,177 brave young American Sailors died in ARIZONA that day, most of whom are still at their posts.  The memorial is also a very popular location to re-enlist Sailors.  It is hard to describe to the layman just what ARIZONA means to the US Navy and its Sailors and officers.

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