Tripler Army Hospital

Tripler is the crown jewel of the Army’s medical care system in the Pacific theater and has been giving our troops and theirfamilies top-notch care for over 60 years.  My wife Barbara and I had our wedding reception at the Tripler Officers’ Club in December of 1971.  Can’t say I remember much about it, but it was a fun evening (and believe it or not, after the reception, she and I went, she still in her wedding gown and I in my full dress Navy whites, to visit a sick shipmate who was in the hospital.  Boy, we sure got some strange looks walking down the halls on the way to/from seeing him, but that’s what shipmates do…)


Tripler has a termporary lodging facility run by IHG Army Hotels  The 90 room hotel offers a variety of amenities like free use of business center, air conditioning, cable television, free WI-FI, free laundry rooms, free internet access, shuttle service on the installation and complimentary breakfast. On Wednesdays enjoy the free BBQ at our Sundowner Social gathering for guests. For details, call (808) 839-2336.

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