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Road To Hana

The Journey

A visit to Maui would not be complete without a visit to Hana. The trip to Hana from the Ka’napali area is a time consuming one, more in terms of time than in mileage. Be sure to plan to leave early in the morning and assume that you won’t be back until evening. Some of the time frame is due to the 500 plus sharp curves and 50 plus single lane bridges along the way, but more of it is due to the numerous stops that you’ll want to make.


Purchasing the “Driving to Hana and the Seven Pools” audio cassette/CD by Guide/Narrator Craig Henderson is a good choice. This is a very well done two-sided cassette/CD which plays right in your car radio cassette/CD player and which literally guides you on the way to Hana, instructing you on the best places to stop and educating you on many points of interest along the way. For $25.00 you will get the audio cassette/CD, a one hour video, an excellent map, as well as four bottles of water and the use of a cooler for the day. That was a real bargain and we get to keep the cassette, video and map!

As I previously indicated, the road to Hana is filled with over 500 sharp curves many of which follow right upon each other. The road is in excellent condition, but by the time you are done you will feel that you are trained to race in the Monte Carlo Gran Prix, if you could only figure how to make these turns at about triple the speed!

Ke’nae Peninsula

Along the way there are many wonderful sights. One of our favorites is the Ke’nae Peninsula. Be sure to travel down into the peninsula, and when you leave, catch the view of the taro fields from the lookout about the town.

Pua’ka State Wayside Park

You’ll also want to stop at Pua’ka’ State Wayside Park which has a wonderful waterfall, and the black sand beach at Wai’napanapa State Park.

Wai’anapanapa State Park

If you visit Waiʻanapanapa State Park be sure to duck down and walk into the lava tube to the right of the beach. You can really catch a wonderful view and nice photo from inside the lava tube looking out towards the ocean.


You’ll probably reach Hana by noon and you’ll be ready for lunch. A excellent choice for a restful lunch in a lovely setting is the Hotel Hana-Maui. If you’re in a hurry, however, just stop by the Hana Ranch Restaurant.

While in Hana, be sure to stop by the Hana Coast Gallery, considered one of the top art galleries in Hawaii. If you’re re-energized from lunch you might wish to consider the three mile round-trip hike to Fagan’s Cross perched high on a hill above Hana. You’ll get spectacular views of Hana Harbor and the nearby coast.

I’m embarrassed to share with you that I have never done this trip…all the more reason for me to get back to Maui and give it another try.

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