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Welcome to O’ahu!
Known also as "The Main Island," O’ahu is the center of Hawai’i's government and business functions.

O’ahu Fast Facts
• Area: 597 square miles, 3rd largest island
• Population: 905,000 (2008)
• Density: 1,468 people per square mile
• Island Flower: Ilima
• Island Color: Melemele (yellow)

Where does one start in describing what I truly believe is the most beautiful, wonderful place on earth?

O’ahu to me is what Hawai’i is all about, and captures the total essence of Hawai’i in all respects. O’ahu has beaches (some of the most beautiful and famous in the entire world), palm trees, lushly vegetated countryside, pineapple fields, watercress farms, and of course the big, bustling city of Honolulu, which not only holds me in total fascination, but is also where my heart is and shall ever remain.

I first saw O’ahu from the deck of a Navy destroyer in the summer of 1969 while on a summer training cruise. As we rounded Diamond Head from the east on our way to Pearl Harbor (my ship was one of 16 destroyers escorting the battleship NEW JERSEY; what a grand sight we all were!) I just knew that I had come across something very, very special. I have always loved “all things tropical,” and boy, did this O’ahu place fit right in! “Stunning” is the word that comes to mind.

First. let me share with you a little extract from our friends at Wikipedia:

The Gathering Place

O’ahu, also known as “the Main Island” and “The Gathering Place, )is the most populous Hawaian island, the third largest Hawaiian island, the 20th largest island in the United States. The state capital Honolulu is located on the southeast coast. In greatest dimension, this volcanic island is 44 miles long and 30 miles across. O’ahu has 227 miles of shorline. The island is the result of two separate shield volcanoes: Wai’anae and Ko’olau, with a broad “valley” or saddle (the central O’ahu Plain) between them. The highest point is Mt. Ka’ala in the Wai’anae Range, rising to 4,003 feet above sea level.

O’ahu Geology

O’ahu began as a small, active volcano about 4 million years ago. The young island grew rapidly for about a million years as the lava flows built the huge Wai’anae shield volcano. The eroded remains of this volcano are now the Wai’anae mountain range, which includes the island’s highest point, Mt. Ka’ala, at 4,003 feet.

Like many other Hawaiian volcanoes, the Wai’anae shield volcano had a large caldera at the summit, estimated to have been 4.5 miles across. Most of the lava coming from this volcano consisted of the thin, pāhoehoe lava, the oldest of which is between 3 and 4 million years old. Click here to continue reading…

O’ahu History

The old Kingdom of O’ahu was once ruled by the most ancient Ali’i in all of the Hawaiian Islands. The first great king of O’ahu was Mailikukahi, the law maker, who was followed by many generation of monarchs. Kualii was the first of the warlike kings and so were his sons. In 1773, the throne fell upon Kahahana, the son of Elani of Ewa. In 1783 Kahekili II, King of Maui, conquered O’ahu and deposed the reigning family and then made his son Kalanikupule king of O’ahu. Kamehameha the Great would conquer in the mountain Kalanikupule’s force in the Battle of Nu’uanu. Kamehameha founded the Kingdom of Hawai’i with the conquest of O’ahu in 1795. Hawai’i would not be unified until the islands of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau surrendered under King Kaumualii in 1810. Kamehameha III moved his capital from Lāhainā, on Maui to Honolulu, O’ahu in 1845. ‘Iolani Palace, built later by other members of the royal family, is still standing, and is the only royal palace on American soil. Click here to continue reading…