O’ahu Skydiving


When I was on active duty I got in 11 parachute jumps.  All were static line and all were from Navy, Marine or Air Force aircraft.  And I can’t say it wasn’t exciting, even when I was a “young and dumb” 23 years old, for exciting it was.  If you’re ever stuck in the hotel on a slow Sunday afternoon, this might be the way to break the boredom (on the other hand, if youre bored in Hzawai’i, then shame on you to begin with!)  But hey, how dangerous can it be?  Pres. Bush I did it on his umpteenth birthday, so if he can, you can too!

Pacific Skydiving Center
(808) 637-9700

Pacific Skydiving Center
(808) 637-7472

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