O’ahu Botanical Gardens

 Let’s face it…some of us can make things grow and some people can’t (me.)  So I guess that’s why we have botanical gardens– so the “horticulurally challenged” among us can see how it’s done, and those that CAN gorw things can see how to do it better.  In any event, I’ve always enjoyed touring botanical gardens.  Not only do I find the plants and their settings inherently interesting, but I”ve also always found a  great sense of peace and solace in such gardens.  A good way to spend a pensive, reflective afternoon…

Foster Botanical Gardens
(808) 522-7066

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
(808) 233-7323

Koko Crater Botanical Garden
(808) 522-7060

Senator Fong’s Plantation
(808) 239-6775

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