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Welcome to Moloka’i! 
Totally unspoiled, Moloka’i is Hawai’i "the way it used to be."

Moloka’i Fast Facts
• Area: 260 sq. miles
• Population: 7,400
• Highest point: Kamakou (4,960 ft)
• Flower: Kukui
• Color: ‘Oma’oma’o (green)
• Administration: Is a part of Maui county (except for Kalaupapa peninsula, which is a part of Kalawao County.)

Moloka’i is at the same time one of Hawai’i's best kept secrets as well as being one of its most misunderstood treasures.

Plainly visible from O’ahu’s east end across the 25-mile wide Kaiwi Channel, Moloka’i is a brick-shaped island with its long axis running roughly east-west. It is about 38 miles long and 10 miles wide, with an area of approximately 260 square miles. Proud to be "Hawaiian by Nature," Moloka’i is arguably still the most rustic of the islands. That is, rustic to the point of there is still not even a single stop-light on the island. This is Hawai’i as it used to be!

As small and rustic as Moloka’i is, it is a hot-bed for local politics with a state-wide impact. This was vividly illustrated in March, 2009 when the Moloka’i Ranch closed, putting approximately 120 people out of work. The Moloka’i’ Ranch’s owner, Moloka’i Properties, (themselves a subsidiary of Singapore-based GuocoLeisure Ltd) closed the Ranch due to professed financial hardships after not being allowed to develop La’au Point on Moloka’i's southwest corner. The development of La’au Point was fought very hard by a very dedicated a very vocal group that finally carried the day. We are very familiar with the Ranch’s hotel and can attest that it was a truly beautiful property. We are sad to see it closed, no matter what the politics that caused it. Along with closing Moloka’i Ranch, roughly 65,000 acres, or ONE THIRD of the entire island are also closed and no longer available to the public.

Getting There

Flying to Moloka’i is easy. Inter-island airlines fly there from the other islands on a regular basis.