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Moana Surfrider Hotel

Moana Surfrider Hotel
2365 Kalakaua Ave
(808) 922.3111

Opened in 1901 (that’s not a mis-print), the Moana is the “grand old lady” of Hawaiian hotels (it’s my secret fantasy to be the owner and general manager of this hotel, but that’s another story.)  If you choose not to stay here, please at least swing by for a drink one evening.  They have free entertainment on their Lana’i every evening, and while yes, a coke will cost more here than at the local “Gag ‘N Blow” burger joint, you simply have to do it.  This is Hawai’i the way it used to be, and no hotel does it better.  Just walk around and soak it in…visit the shops, see the sunset, have a drink, and reflect on just how nice life is in the Islands.

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