There are any number of interesting and timely ways to keep up with "what's hot" in Hawai'i.

Pacific Basin Communications ( publishes a quartet of magazines specifically targeted for those of us who love the Islands:

Island Family Magazine

Island family magazine

Hawai’i's premier (only?) magazine dedicated to the family (‘ohana.) Good, wholesome copy with a consistently up-beat message. Very good for the young couple just starting their families.

For 14 years, Island Family Magazine has been Hawaii’s leading source for monthly parenting information. It was born out of the dreams…


Honolulu Magazine


The oldest magazine in the state of Hawai’i, and is “the” magazine for keeping up with what’s going on in Honolulu, the world’s prettiest city! The magazine began publication in 1888 as “Paradise of the Pacific,” a magazine commissioned by King Kalakaua to represent Hawai’i to the outside world. In 1966, “Paradise of the Pacific” assumed its current title. Today, Honolulu Magazine is among the handful of publications in the U.S. that have chronicled the events of an entire century.


Hawai’i Magazine

Covers what’s going on throughout the entire state. Beautiful pictures, interesting articles. I’m a subscriber!

Hawai’i Magazine’s Mission

HAWAII Magazine is for readers who love the Islands — but don’t necessarily…


Hawai’i Business Magazine


I subscribe to this magazine in order to keep up with the Hawaiian business world. I like keeping up with business trends in the Islands and “HBM” does a good job of this.

Among its signature issues are the Hawaii Business Top 250, rankings Hawaii’s largest companies; the Hawaii Business Black Book, profiling…


Hawai'i's newspapers are "world class" and keep Islanders everywhere up to speed on local and world-wide events. O'ahu has two major newspapers and each of the other islands except for Lana'i, also has a paper. I have bookmarked all these papers so I can be up to date on all the goings-on throughout the state at any time!

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser


The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is now the only major newspaper in Honolulu, having recently resulted from the merger of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser.


Kaua’i, Maui, Moloka’i, and Hawai’i Newspapers


Each Outer Island has its own newspaper:

Kaua’i: The Garden (
Moloka’i: Moloka’i Dispatch (
Maui: The Maui News (
Hawai’i: The Hawai’i Herald Tribune. (


Web-cast radio: I know you've wondered all your life how to get Hawaiian music piped through your computer 24/7, advertisement free. Look no farther! Go to and let the good times roll. Rich Shipley has done a wonderful job setting up this site…and I am proud to tell you that I help support his efforts; I hope you do too!

Kaua’i Radio Stations


FM stations in Kaua’i

87.7 K06NC – “Coast FM” AC/Island Mix
88.9 KHJC – CSN Satellite Radio Network – Religious
90.9 KKCR – Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)
91.9 KAQA – Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)
92.7 K224 – CQ Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)


Maui Radio Stations


Fm stations in Maui:

88.5 KAKU – Under Construction (LP)
90.7 KKUA – National Public Radio); simulcasts KHPR 88.1 FM from Oahu
91.5 KEAO – “Mana’o Radio”: Eclectic / Free Form (LP)
93.5 KPOA – Island Music
94.3 KDLX – “Maui’s Country” – country music


Big Island (Hawai’i) Radio Stations


FM stations on the Big Island:

91.1 KANO Classical Music, News (Hawaii Public Radio) Hilo
91.9 K220EO (LP) Religious Programming from Moody Radio Hilo
92.7 KHWI “Mix 92.7 FM” – Adult Contemporary Music Hilo
94.7 KWXX Island Contemporary Hits Hilo


O’ahu Radio Stations


FM stations in Oahu:

88.1 KHPR – National Public Radio
89.3 KIPO – National Public Radio + BBC
90.3 KTUH – U of H – Jazz, Hawaiian, alternative, rock, rap, world music – Also on 89.9 and 91.3 FM