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Maui Helicopter Tours

As the son of a naval aviator, the former commanding officer of a VERY SMALL airport (my ship had a single helicpoter “spot” and a one-helo hangar), and private pilot, I love aviation and all things related to it.  We love taking helicopter tours of the islands and think you will enjoy doing so as well.  There’s nothing like “turning dead dinosaurs into noise” on a Saturday afternoon (or any other day, for that matter…)

Air Maui Helicopter Tours
(808) 877-7005

All-Maui Tours
(866) 654-1438

(808)  871-8844

Alex Air
(888) 418-8455

Will Squyres Sunshine Helicopters
(808) 270-3999

Mauiscape Helicopters
(808) 877-7272

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