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Maui Bike Tours

Though somewhat mountainous, Maui is a great place to do some serious biking.  Hey- you can’t beat the weather is equally spectacular.  So go rent a bike and pretend you’re Lance Armstrong “doing his thing” as you cruise this beautiful island.  And if you want nature to do all the work, take one of the bike excursions that takes you to the top of Haleakala and then lets you ride all the way down…we’ve done it and it’s great!

Haleakala Bike Company
  (888) 922-2453

Cruiser Phil’s Volcano Riders
 (877) 764-2453

Aloha Bicycle Tours
 (808) 870-7409

Bike it Maui
(808) 878-3364

Mountain Riders

Maui Downhill Bicycle Tours
(808) 871-2155

South Maui Bicycles
(808) 874-0068

West Maui Cycles
(808) 596-0588

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