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Makena Beach (or Big Beach)

Located on the Southside of Maui, off of Makena Alanui Road, Big Beach is close to the best beach Maui has to offer. You’ll find close to a mile of perfect orange and white sand, cliffy dramatic landscape, and water that’s brilliant blue and green. There is little reef around here, which makes the sand bottom shine up through the water to give it that tropical inviting brighteness. There are three entrances to Makena Beach (Big Beach.) The first has the largest parking area and is the closest point to Little Beach, which is just around the corner. The other two entrances have smaller parking areas, but can sometimes be less crowded. The beach over there is smaller than at the first entrance. Big Beach is famous for it’s inclined shoreline and large shore break. Skim boarding, body boarding, and body surfing are all very popular here for this reason. Caution is advised for those with children or inexperienced ocean swimmers when there’s large swell. These waves are powerful and can dump you into the sand without notice. We don’t recommend snorkeling in this area. Surfing also isn’t usually done here because of the shore break conditions. Big Beach has Porto potties, picnic tables, and shady areas under large trees. Be careful when walking out on the sand at first. These trees have large thorns that can be found on the ground underneath and around them. We’ve seen these thorns go clear through a sandal while walking. Barefoot can be a dangerous thing to be. Wait to take off your sandals or shoes till you get out past the trees.

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