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Makapu’u Beach

Makapu’u Beach is my favorite beach in the entire world, period. I first saw the beach in the summer of 1969.  I remember it like yesterday.  As soon as I got there I jumped into the surf and started swimming towards deeper water. Inexperienced in the ways of large surf, I got into trouble very quickly near the rocks on the north end of the beach.  Time and time again as I came up for air I’d be slammed down to the bottom by the next big wave.  I just couldn’t “read” the surf and could not figure out how to get and keep my head above water for more than an instant before being clobbered by the next big wave.  During one episode, when I was unable to get a breath and was being mercilessly rolled along the bottom of the ocean yet again, I remember thinking “Blow bubbles! Blow bubbles!  They always rise, so just follow them to the surface.”  I followed my own advice and eventually got back to daylight.

When I finally dragged myself out of the water and was lying on the sand glad to be alive, a lifeguard approached me and simply said “I’ve been watching you…” It was good to know someone smarter than I was also aware of my predicament!  Even though my military career was to span 22 years and saw me shot at more than most, I still believe that was the closest I have ever come to dying.

All that said, Makapu’u has it all: great surf (particularly good for body-surfing), great sand, nice facilities, is close to Sea World Park and is not too far from Honolulu.

In closing, a word of caution: Like Hanauma Bay, watch where you park at Makapu’u beach.  If the lot is full, be careful where you park on the road above the beach; the police seem finicky sometimes in their campaigns to ticket and tow cars parked along Kalalniana’ole Hwy, so just be sure you know the rules before you leave your car.

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