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Little Beach

Maui has a couple nudist beaches of which Little Beach is the Mecca for nudists. The waves here are perfect for bodysurfing, and sometimes surfing, but depending on what day and the time of day it is, you may be dodging naked people. During a South or Southwest Swell, the surf can be good here. It offers a left hand reef break off of the South side of the beach. This beach is beautiful and as perfect as can be.

On Sundays, you’ll find a different atmosphere than usual with crowds unusually large for Little Beach. For sunset, everyone celebrates by swimming and cheering as a large drum circle beats away.

Once it gets dark, Little Beach becomes a real spectacle. All types of people, nude or clothed, begin to dance in the circle with fire. The fire dancers at Little Beach are incredible. You’ll sometimes find professional fire twirlers with more than one ball of fire and fancy flaming outfits. The imagination is strong at Little Beach when it comes to new and entertaining ways to play with fire. We’ve seen everything from heated hula-hoops to burning bras. You’ll enjoy this ceremony that occurs every Sunday night. You don’t need to get undressed either. Bring a flashlight to get back over the cliff at night. Lately the police have limited the event to stop around 9pm, so get there before sunset to really experience Maui’s Little Beach activities.

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