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La Perouse Bay

La Perouse is not known for its beaches. The long walk to the bay from where you park is made by dodging sharp volcanic rock. The black and red rock looks as though it stretches on forever into the horizon. If you’re adventurous and have enough drinking water, hiking through and past La Perouse can be exciting. There are very small beaches tucked into corners of the rock. La Perouse is also known for it’s heavy and dangerous waves during South Swells. This left hand wave breaks on dry reef and is only rideable when it’s head high or bigger. The rule here is that the smaller it is, the more dangerous it is. Evidence of reef fatalities speckle the area with makeshift crosses. The snorkeling and diving in this area are unparalleled. If you’re patient, spinner dolphins can be seen here in packs. This volcanic area is the most southern point on Maui. The vast expanse of lava rich landscape was created by the last eruption of Haleakalā in 1790.

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