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Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge

The Kilauea Lighthouse is right out of a young child’s imagination…a beautiful lighthouse on a rugged cliff, with pounding white surf and soaring birds overhead.  The 52-foot Lighthouse was erected in 1913 and its beam once reached 90 miles out to sea. The lens is the largest of its type ever made. The lighthouse has not been in service since 1976. At Kilauea Point, you are at the northernmost point in the Hawaiian Islands.  I have longed dreamed of turning the lighthouse into a bed & breakfast, but alas, i don’t think that will ever happen.  But enjoy the venue and revel in the view!    Drive North on the 56 23 miles through Kapa’a into Kilauea. Turn right on Kilauea Rd., just past the 23 mile marker. Drive 2 miles to the end of Kilauea Rd. The wildlife refuge is a short walk away.

Co-located with the lighthouse is the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.  Enjoy also the informative, colorful signs and posters telling the viewer about the wildlife in the area.

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