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Keoni by Keo’s

Keoni by Keo’s
2375 Kuhio Avenue
Waikīkī, HI
(808) 922-9888

Owned by the same family as Keo’s and the “little sister” to Keo’s, we are totally amazed at the difference in these two restaurants. We last visited Keoni’s in December 2009 and were totally disappointed.  The restaurant had just re-opened after  remodeling (within a few days) and the overall experience was not good.  The menus were cheap, cheesy Xerox-type copies in cheap, cheesey diner-type holders, the food was barely warm, the service was borderline surly and worst of all there was an automatic gratuity already figured into the bill.  WELL! I wasn’t going to let that go uncommented on, given the quite poor experience we’d had, and I was final able to convince the management that (1) the meal was really quite bad and (2) it’s the customer who should decide how much a tip should be, not management.  Bottom line: we’re not going back there for a looooooong time.  (But like I said, this is most interesting, given it’s the same family that runs both restaurants.  With so many choices in Honolulu, I recommend you bypass Keoni’s and go directly to Keo’s or somehwere else entirely.)

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