Kaua’i Lu’au


You’ve seen them in movies a hundred times, so why not see one in person?  If you have not already come across it, please see the article I arote about Lu’au on the site’s homepage.  There’s a lot background that goes along these and I think it would increase you appreciation of the event if you knew the background.  But for the evening concerned, just sit back and enjoy the show…and what a show it will be!  (And please tell the rest of us what you thought of poi…was that “one finger poi” or “two finger poi” you had??

Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Lu’au
  (808) 622-1780 

Lu’au Kalamaku
 (877) 622-1780 

Royal Pa’ina at Makaiwa
 (808) 822-3455 

Smith’s Tropical Paradise
 (808) 821-6895 

Surf to Sunset Lu’au
 (808) 742-8205 

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