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Kalalau Valley

I first saw the valley from the Kalalau Valley Lookout in July 1972 and was even then stunned by its beauty.  Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing to “do” at the Kalalau Valley Lookout other than bask in the beauty of the spot, but if ever there were a “Shangri-La” on this earth, it is here.  Just to stand at the lookout and peer down the valley to the ocean 4,000 feet below and three miles distant, is incredible.  All you hear is the wind rustling in the trees, and possibly the calls of far-away birds.  The ocean is too far away to hear, but imagining it is not hard to do.  (I will add that more than once fog has obscurred our view of the Valley once we got to the lookout.  Whether or not there are better times of day or months of the year see the Valley, I do not know.  If someone can shed light on this, please share it with the rest of us!)

The Lookout is easily accessed, by driving west on Kaumaulii Hwy until you get to Waimea Canyon Road.  Take that the right and it will take you to both Waimea Canyon and the Kalalau Valley Lookout.  A rare “two for one!”

Whew! Sure glad I was able to get out the word about Kalalau Valley!

A related note—if you’re an accomplished hiker, or just plain foolish, you migh want to check out the Kalalau Trail, an 11-mile challenge that begins at Kee Beach at the very eastern end of Kuhio Hwy.  The Sierra Club gives it a degree of difficulty “9 out of 10,” and I’ve long heard more than a few people have died on the trail, so I’ve always given it a wide berth.  I like hiking, but…….

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