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1121 Nu’uano Avenue
Honolulu, HI
(808) 521-2900

We first came acros Indigo in 1999 when I accompanied my wife on a business trip to Honolulu.  (You don’t think I was going to sit home while she went to Hawaii, do you????!)  We met a colleague there for a drink but did not stay for dinner, which started a 10-year odyssey for me to get back there for a meal.  After a lot of Honolulu visits and missed opportunities, wifey and I finally went there and we had a great time.  First, the setting.  It’s one of the most interesting settings I’ve ever seen or been in.  Essentially an indoor-outdoor kind of place (tables are under a roof, but our dining area was open to a beautiful courtyard with a fountain), Indigo has always struck me as a set right out of a 1930s black and white spy movie set somewhere like Bali or the outskirts of Manila.  (Wait…is that Peter Lorre in the corner, talking surepticiously to a one-eyed Chinaman?)  Most notably, it’s dark…quite dark.  All the better an environment to trade stories and pass secrets! Or to meet your lover.  Very intriguing!  The menu is varied and our meals were quite good.  The service was friendly without being overbearing.  All in all, a great evening, but in addition to the food, the setting and the ambience at Indigo are quite unique and quite striking.  If you like the oriental, tropical setting with more than a little hint of mystique, Indigo is for you.

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