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For Further Enjoyment…

There are many resources for those who are interested in hula and would like to learn more about it:

1. The Merrie Monarch Festival.

First, for those who are really into hula, there is the annual Merrie Monarch Festival, held every April in Hilo, Hawai’i.  If you want to see the very best hula competition in the world, attend the Festival or buy some CDs of past festivals.  Their website is at If you’re thinking of attending one year, be forewarned—seating is limited and tickets sell out very early.  And if you do get tickets, lodging in the Hilo area during the festival can be hard to come by.

2. The Waikiki Hula Conference.

Every year there is a BIG hula conference in Waikiki.  Sounds like a “must” for aficionados and those who want to learn more about details relating to hula proper, and the dancing instruction business.  You can’t beat the venue!  Their website is

3. Hula-related websites of interest: Be there or be square! I include this link only because it has beautiful hula dancing to one of my absolute favorite songs, Makee ‘Ailana. A beautiful performance by both dancers and musicians. A complete listing of known hula halau worldwide!  A great resource for those wondering where the closest halau to them is. More hula supplies Some interesting text and short videos.

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