Honolulu Magazine


The oldest magazine in the state of Hawai’i, and is “the” magazine for keeping up with what’s going on in Honolulu, the world’s prettiest city! The magazine began publication in 1888 as “Paradise of the Pacific,” a magazine commissioned by King Kalākakaua to represent Hawai’i to the outside world. In 1966, “Paradise of the Pacific” assumed its current title. Today, Honolulu Magazine is among the handful of publications in the U.S. that have chronicled the events of an entire century.

Honolulu Magazine shifted its focus to news and features aimed at an affluent residential audience. It covers dining, culture, arts, politics, entertainment in and around Honolulu and throughout Hawaii. Honolulu is also known for its annual statewide fiction contest, though the last contest took place in 2006.

Honolulu Magazine is also known for its annual dining awards called the Hale Aina Awards. In 1984, Honolulu established its Hale Aina Awards as the Islands’ first local restaurant awards. Before then, culinary awards in the Islands had been given by Mainland travel interests. I’m a subscriber!

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