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Hanamanu Beach


Hanamanu is about half way to Hana from Paia area. This beach is a little difficult to get to with a regular rental car. If you have a four-wheel-drive, you’ll want to see this beautiful unblemished beach. Located in a nestled bay between towering cliffs of rainforest, Hanamanu is a black sand beach with not many people around. Surfing here can be very good with the right swell. The left side of the bay has one of the heaviest most dangerous waves in the islands when it breaks. There are a few downers to this incredible location. Being remote on the way to Hana, car theft can be high in this area. If you get your car stolen, it will take you quite a long time to get up to the road and to finally stop someone to get a ride in order to get to a phone or cell reception. All this makes for an ideal place to steal a car. Also, Hanamanu is Hawaiian for “House of Sharks.” Quite possibly one of the sharkiest spots on the island, Hanamanu is also not a good place to swim because of the shallow sharp rocky bottom.

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