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The journey to Haleakalā and Upcountry Maui begins in Kahului at the Haleakalā Highway. The drive to the top of Haleakalā takes about 2½ – 3 hours depending on the weather and the traffic. Your drive will take you through beautiful woodlands and pastures with cattle grazing on the mountainside. You’re likely to pass several groups of cyclists biking down from the summit of the mountain.

The winds on Haleakalā, especially the at 10,023 summit are often exceptionally strong. It’s often difficult to hold a camera still to photograph into the crater. The hike to the top of nearby Pa Ka’ao (White Hill) is strenuous but the views from the top are well worth the 15 minute hike.

Often the best views into the crater are to be found from the Kalahaku Overlook located at the 9324 foot level.

Haleakalā is a place of great importance to many people. To the Hawaiian people it is a place steeped in history, religion and culture. To the naturalist and geologist it is a place of great diversity and wonder.

The drive down from Haleakalā is somewhat easier than the drive to the summit.

A really fun thing to do is to ride a bike down Haleakala. It takes about two hours and is the most fun when done with others. There a number of businesses that offer this service…I seem to think we cast our lot with “Cruiser Bob.”  They will come to your hotel to pick you up in a van, then drive you all the way to the summit.  There they will suit you up in a rain slicker and put you on your bike.  From that point, just let “Mr. Gravity” do his thing and in about 2 hours you’ll be at the base of the hill.  My younger daughter and I did this some years ago and it was fun.  But make sure you dress warmly…remember you will start almost two miles up in the sky, and the ambient temperature will be a LOT lower than at sea level!

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