Cyril and Martin Pahinui

These two sons of Gabby (Martin on the left and Cyril on the right in the photo (with brother “Bla” in the middle), have to be heard to be believed.  These two picked up their father’s love of music early in life and each has developed into a truly outstanding musician.  I fully acknowledge that my specific knowledge of these two mens’ background is incomplete (but I’m working on it, believe me!!), but I’ve heard them play again and again and it’s just plain impossible for me, the layman, to adequately describe how their music affects me.  So I am going to tell you to “see for yourself.”  If you can listen to Cyril’s instrumental rendition of “Makee ‘Ailana” (the most soulful guitar solo I have ever heard), or Martin’s “Pu’u Anahulu” (the song I wake up to each and every morning; it is absoutley beautiful) and not come away convinced that these two sons of Gabby are themselves true giants, then something is wrong.

I have had the privilege of spending personal time with Martin and his wife Ruthie.  They kindly agreed to let me interview them about Martin’s music, and I can state first-hand that they are two of the kindest, gentlest and thoughtful people I’ve ever met.

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