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Aunty Pasto’s

Aunty Pasto’s
1099 S. Beretania St
Honolulu, HI
(808) 523-8855

I know, I know…not many people go to Hawai’i to eat pasta.  I guess that makes me “special,” for I love pasta.  Pure and simple, I love spaghetti, lasagna, rigatoni, maccaroni, even “My Little Pony” (hey, it rhymes…) and meat sauce.  So when we saw Aunty Pasto’s on a random drive-by, I talked my wife into going in.  Good idea!  These people serve the best spaghetti meat sauce I think I’ve ever had.  It was wonderful!  While yes, in the strictest sense this a chain (there are two of them), it’s more upscale than a typical chain.  Long story short:  I think pasta is a “great way to go” (partially driven by it relative inexpensiveness) and recommend Aunty Pasto’s to all other with the same likes.  Prego!

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