Aloha and welcome to “My Hawai’i,” the informative, interactive Hawaiian website!  Our goal is to provide you with all the information you will ever want to know about this beautiful tropical paradise!             

My name is Mike West and I am your “My Hawai’i” host. I am a retired naval officer who loves the Islands more than anywhere else I’ve ever been.  I lived in Honolulu for many years and now I have created a website from which you can learn about Hawai’i as well as share your own Hawaiian experiences with others.  
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I hope to achieve several things with “My Hawai’i”

• Create a comprehensive “one stop shop” for anyone seeking information or imagery about Hawai’i.

• Create an interactive forum within which those who love Hawai’i and those who want to know more about it can share timely, up-to-date information on the Islands and all that goes on there. There is SO MUCH!! Text, pictures, and videos from our ‘Ohana members are what this site is really about
and we hope you will send us your experiences to share with others.

• Encourage you to visit the Islands and share in this wonderful paradise.

As you can see, major topics are listed down the left side of this page and tabs for each island are shown above. Some topics, such as “Culture” are state-wide in nature and are addressed just once; other topics like “Golf” and “Beaches” are island-specific and are appear on the island tabs.May I suggest that you start your tour of paradise by clicking the “Listen to Hawaiian Music” button to the left? No other genre of music is more beautiful and more soothing than Hawaiian music, and listening to a few beautiful harmonies and magnificent “slack key” guitar pieces will certainly put you in the right frame of mind for your virtual visit of paradise.

And the site is interactive! We want to hear from you and we look forward to posting news and pictures relating to your own adventures in Hawai’i, as well as comments on the site itself. We welcome all inputs- restaurant reviews, travel stories (good and bad!), hotel reviews; all reasonable submissions will be considered for posting on the site manner. Please take a moment and join the My Hawai’i ” ’Ohana” (family) right now. The button to do so is at the left. I can’t stress enough how important it is for Hawai’i lovers to join our ‘ohana! Getting input from a very wide range of people on a wide variety of topics will make the site ever-more valuable to those who love Hawai’i and want to make the wisest use of their travel dollars.

And remember- “My Hawai’i” is and always will be, a “work in progress,” so it will be getting bigger and better every day. All the more reason to check back frequently to see what’s new and hot in the Islands.

So grab that ‘lole (computer mouse, pronounced “lo-lay”) and start your virtual adventure of the most beautiful place on earth!

A note about the information on this site:
While I have spent many years in Hawai’i and have traveled widely in the Islands, I do not claim first-hand knowledge of all that I’ve written about. Rather, I have used every open source available to me: friends, associates, state offices, books, movies, CDs and various internet sites. If you see an incorrectly reported fact, I thank you in advance for pointing it out to me. Mahalo! Lastly: I have no financial ties to any organization or business in Hawai’i; I realize no gain whatsoever from this website other than knowing I am helping people learn about Hawai’i. Therefore, all reporting is totally unbiased.